Boat Rental in Gdansk

Charter up to 12 people: PLN 1,000 net/hour
Charter up to 20 people: PLN 1,500 net/hour
Charter up to 47 people: PLN 2,000 net/hour

Rental from 28.04 to 06.05 and 01.07 to 31.08:
Charter up to 12 people: PLN 1,250 net/hour
Charter up to 20 people: PLN 1,800 net/hour
Charter up to 47 people: PLN 2,500 net/hour

Organization of events Gdańsk

EVENT ORGANIZATION Full opportunity to personalize the organized event. Birthdays, name days, communions, engagements or weddings, we organize all celebrations in such a way that they become a unique and memorable moment in the lives of our guests.

BUSINESS TRAINING A business meeting combined with a cruise and dinner is an option for anyone bored with repetitive, routine events.

CONFERENCES The first floating business and conference center in Gdansk.

INTEGRATION EVENTS FOR COMPANIES Complete privacy, agreed and carefully selected catering, the possibility of using the on-board bar, contact with nature and the monuments of Gdansk. What more could you want? We don’t know, but we listen to the ideas of the participants of the organized event.

PRIVATE EVENTS The first floating club on the Vistula River. We organize thematic events including venue arrangements. For charters, a deposit of 30% of the service must be paid to our company account up to 14 days before the scheduled event

There are some extraordinary places on earth that are best admired from the deck of catamarans. Their noble beauty makes them attract sea wolves. Gdansk undoubtedly belongs to such places. Its coastal location attracts lovers of sailing, nature and history, as well as those longing for relaxation in unusual natural surroundings. Gdansk Shipyard and Westerplatte are undoubtedly unique places, and their historical character is best explored by traveling by ship.

Sailing in Gdansk has developed so much that today it is possible to rent a catamaran and take a passenger cruise with relatives or friends. At Holiday Boat you can count on catamaran charters at an attractive price! The larger the group, the more favorable the charter price. That’s why we invite you to rent our boats and organize events. Business meetings, vernissages, banquets, special events, important anniversaries, birthdays, industry meetings, training sessions, etc. Amazing interiors, sun deck, picturesque views and carefully selected catering with specialties of regional cuisine, is a real feast for the spirit as well as the body.

Catamaran rentals for companies and individuals

The quality of our catamaran rental services is evidenced by the fact that they have been used in the most popular Polish productions and by major television stations. Our boats could be seen in “I’ve Got Talent”, “Ladies and Villagers” or “Top Model”, among others. In addition, well-known personalities have also used our services: Joanna Krupa, Sonia Bohosiewicz or Michał Piróg.

The exclusive deck of each of our ships will add character to any event. We are able to adapt to the needs of our clients and change the current arrangement. Renting catamarans is a great option for companies and the possibility of organizing various professional events. Business clients can count on comprehensive service and complete privacy.

The exclusive deck of each of our vessels will add character to any event.

Deciding to rent catamarans, you can rest assured about the organization of the planned event. We have a lot of experience in preparing theme parties, industry meetings, vernissages, banquets, training sessions, conferences, wedding receptions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, team building events, literary evenings, birthdays, name days, communions and many, many other important events for you! However, we do not rest on our laurels and are constantly learning, listening to the ideas of our clients. As a result, we are able to meet any challenge. We approach each task in two ways: professional and creative. We take care of the arrangement of the space, we select the catering and we have an on-board bar (also exclusive) at our guests’ disposal.