Holiday Boat Group

Construction and sale of luxury catamarans – about us

Holiday Boat is a place where dreams turn into reality and the water world is at your fingertips, located in Augustow and operating continuously since 2011. During this time we have not only set a new quality of passenger cruise services, but we have also reached perfection in terms of building proven and reliable catamarans, in accordance with the expectations of our customers. We have our own shipyard and for the construction of catamarans we use not only durable and safe materials, but also specially imported plastics that improve the quality and comfort of their use.

Our units are characterized by high functionality and aesthetics of workmanship. Their versatile use allows for comprehensive organization of active recreation. Floating business and convention center, industry events, integration meetings for companies, cruises combined with a conference, vernissages and banquets or private parties are just some of the proposals for the use of our catamarans.

We manufacture and sell catamarans and passenger cruise services. We started our business in 2011 in Augustow, the city of nine lakes, where magnificent cruises and long-distance sailing take their natural beginning, and where our headquarters are located. For more than 11 years now, as Holiday Boat Group, we have been providing our customers with the best solutions for designing and constructing luxury vessels.

We also have several models of catamarans capable of taking 16, 47 or 120 people on board, which can become a functional home, hotel or bus. These units will be perfect as custom spaces for events, business meetings or private celebrations. In addition, we also have modern scooters, so you can move not only on the surface of the water, but also fully immerse yourself in the underwater world and discover its secrets.

Cruises on our catamarans run from Gdansk to Westerplatte. Holiday Boat Gdansk is the highest quality of service, unforgettable corporate adventure, relaxation with loved ones, exquisite cruises and innovative catamarans designed for hundreds of satisfied customers.