A 60-minute cruise along the picturesque waterway of Gdańsk

Cruise to the Shipyard

Route: Targ Rybny - Stocznia Gdańska - Stocznia Cesarska - Targ Rybny

The cruise to the Gdansk Shipyard starts from the quay where the Fish Market used to operate. From the starting point there is a beautiful view of the Long Embankment with the Crane Gate, the recently restored Granary Island, the National Maritime Museum with the ship Soldek and the Polish Baltic Philharmonic. We head towards the old shipyard, the Imperial Shipyard, located at the confluence of the Motlawa River and the Dead Vistula. The Island of Ostrow, where the Gdansk Shipyard and the Repair Yard are located, we go around the Kashubian Canal to the turntable.

The Gdansk Shipyard was created after World War II from the merger of two shipyards that existed here, Danziger Werf and Schichau. It became the site of the strikes of December 1970 and August 1980, a place closely associated with Anna Walentynowicz, Lech Walesa and the formation of the Solidarity Trade Union. Also thriving here is the Shiprepair Yard, one of the best ship repair yards in Europe, offering a wide range of services. About 200 vessels of various types are repaired here annually.

The Gdansk Shipyard cruise we offer is definitely more than a simple cruise. We have an on-board bar (also exclusive) with waiter service, a sundeck, as well as the possibility to compose a catering menu.

With us, you can book your dream cruise along with dinner and enjoy the view of the iconic route. For our customers, we have also prepared the possibility of renting a catamaran and organizing any event – both corporate and private, family events. We offer full service, interior design, music, catering and at the same time sailing.

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