Holiday Boat

Why Us?


We have been building our experience for years, finally turning our dreams into reality in 2011. Since the beginning of our existence on the market, we have been both designing and constructing our own catamarans, as well as offering cruise and sailing services between Gdansk and Westerplatte.

We offer catamaran models that will work well for both organized groups and individuals. We provide comprehensive passenger cruise services and also construct boats with any arrangement of rooms and fully equipped interiors.

Catamarans to meet every expectation

The boats we offer have the necessary declarations of conformity, approvals, safety certificates, attestations and all approvals. The experience we have gained and our professional approach allow us to provide our customers with professional support in the selection of optimal solutions. We carry out comprehensive projects taking into account the needs of investors. We are able to adapt a given unit to serve as a water house and at the same time be a practical boat.

We are the only one in Europe to have CE certification for a sundeck and were the first in the world to introduce a passenger catamaran with an impressive 12m length that can accommodate nearly 50 people on board (plus 20 people on the sundeck). This is great for memorable shorter and longer cruises. Gdansk and its charming seascape are waiting to be discovered! Cruises delight more customers each year and the interiors of the vessels provide the perfect setting for special events or industry events.

Modern solutions for water cruises

We currently offer three types of passenger catamarans, in addition to a catamaran that serves as a year-round home on the water or a hotel, as well as watercraft. We use modern solutions, also in terms of propulsion, offering alternative drives: hydrogen, electric or hybrid. 

We invite you to experience your sea adventure on versatile and multi-purpose Holiday Boat catamarans. Sailing in Gdansk is an unusual experience and unforgettable views that remain in your memory for a long time!